Why Get Certified

The speed of technological advancement in today’s world is already at a pace where available skills do not match demand. The shortage of capabilities to fill this vacuum is the reason why companies are scrambling for newer skill sets in certified talents, either in lieu of, or in spite of college/university educa tion. This demand for specialized knowledge is prevalent in all industries and applies not just to employees but to business owners who face ever growing competition. In order to succeed in the current profes sional climate, it is no secret that a growing number of people prefer to boost their confidence and marketability through certification

Why Get Certified?

  • Documentary Evidence of your Specialized Talent

    Certification boosts your credentials and stands as clear evidence to your employer, co-workers or competitors that you are adept at the job or busi ness you handle. It shows you have attained the highest standards of train ing and qualification in that area of specialization hence you are a com plete professional.

  • Certification Increases your Chances of Employment

    Certification on your Resume (Curriculum Vitae/CV) makes you a favorite candidate for the job. Employers looking to hire want to be sure you have the knowledge, experience and certifications in your areas of expertise. According to Microsoft’s Certification Program Satisfaction Study, 91 percent of hiring decisions consider certification as a part of their criteria. In fact, job interview questions generally steer towards specialization, certification and experience much more than the general educational background of the candidate.

  • Certification helps you make more money and get ahead:

    Getting certified does not only demonstrate your commitment to your pro fession but also indicates that you invested in yourself. In turn, employers are more likely to invest in you. A recent salary guide shows that certifica tions have the potential to increase one’s salary by at least 10 percent. Beyond that, some people engaged in one profession get certified in anoth er specialty in order to get a part-time job and earn more. Either way, a certified professional almost always nets higher pay.

  • Certification keeps you up-to-date in your specialization:

    To some, the most important reason to get certified is that it helps them stay ahead of the competition. It keeps them currently vested in all the technologies and regulations that affect their profession. Indeed, certifica tion programs offer you a chance to upgrade periodically, unlike a college degree. Learning, after all, is a continuous process that guarantees success far into the future.

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