Certification Program Overview

Get ahead, get certified. Validate your skills with widely recognized credentials through Innovation School of Education. ISE Certification programs are the industrial standard for acquiring and  certifying the much-needed education in your specialization. ISE’s credentialing courses are divided into two:    

 - Global Certification      

 - ISE Certification

Both of which are delivered in compliance with international standards as a great way to begin or further your professional development.

Global Certification

Global Certification programs are offered by ISE and certified in association with our International partners. The Certificate you get after completing the Global Certification Course and succeeding in the exam is the same you would get in other countries like United State, Singapore, Canada, etc. For example, QuickBooks Certified User is the same all over the world.

QuickBooks Certified Entrepreneurship and Small Business  

ISE Certification

ISE Certification is a credentialing program recognized mainly in Cambodia. However, we also issue ISE Certificates for all courses.

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