Innovation School of Education (ISE)

ISE is a training, exams and certification center Authorized by Intuit and Pearson Vue’s Certiport, the largest provider of performance-based certification in the world. ISE is Cambodia’s number one innovative center for learning which applies the most modern and effective methods of knowledge delivery, interactive learning, testing and globally accredited certification on a wide range of Technology, Business and Finance courses. With a mission to bridge the gap between talent and achievement in the area of education, ISE assists trainees explore themselves and reach their full potentials while rewarding their attained skill with internationally recognized qualification, to help them get ahead in their career and future endeavors.

Our Story

Transcending traditional methods of education has always been a challenge in the developing world where other resource-requiring priorities are seemingly endless. Someone had to take on that challenge to rise above the inadequacies and establish what would become the most effective learning center dedicated to preparing learners for the future. Innovation School is the visionary brainchild of Mr. Chey Sambatt, a man who himself underwent the Cambodian system of education experiencing its ups and downs. He sought to make a positive difference in the community starting with himself, by researching the most efficient learning methods applied internationally, especially in the areas of business and technology.
After attaining his own certifications as a QuickBooks consultant coupled with years of experience in providing business solutions, he partnered with several international players including Pearson’s Certiport ™ to make ISE a dream come true. Say goodbye to Chalk and Talk methods of teaching and learning, say goodbye to the need to travel out of Cambodia to attain quality training and certification. Now you can do it all here, in the INNOVATION School, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Our Vision

Leadership in innovation and evolution of effective education for talent building.
We envisage to assist each and every trainee reach their full potentials in the interactive courses they undertake. We believe that achieving this goal has a wider implication on the national workforce.A skilled nation is a productive nation, a productive nation is a faster-growing nation, a faster-growing nation is a guarantee for a better world.

Our Mission

To empower our trainees with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to get ahead.
We do this by providing the right environment, instructors, guide and tools to motivate the individual to Learn, Practice and Get Certified. Our objective is to inspire the creativity of the individual, impact him with the skills necessary to succeed and unlock the diverse opportunities in their area of specialization. Learning never stops and neither does the evolution of learning methods.
The world has come a long way from blackboard learning to digitalized presentations.
We in ISE are proud to take it a step further by tailoring our courses to suit the way our trainees want to learn, in line with our educational revolution to foster excellence within our learning spaces…

Our Core Values

Our dedication to every trainee’s success is second to none, hence our values revolve around Innovation, creativity, accountability, integrity, and commitment to quality education.